At BOX IT PLUS, we are Leaders in the San Fernando Valley of DOJ/FBI LIVE SCAN Background checks. With the latest Equipment and Software, our Team, handles each LIVE SCAN with professionalism and care. Rest assured that when your fingerprints are scanned, they are done clear and precise to receive accurate returns.

Please bring in your company LIVE SCAN FORM (with your personal information filled out) and a Photo ID (Passport or Valid Drivers License).

What to expect from a LIVE SCAN...

Our Team Member will Scan both thumbs (individually), the four fingers on your right hand, the four fingers on your left hand, and then take a roll scan of each individual finger. A Typical LIVE SCAN usually lasts no longer than 10 to 15 minutes, however, each set of hands are different. Our commitment is to make sure that DOJ/FBI receives first rate scans of all our patrons.