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Simple, reliable and secure. Stay connected, save time, store documents, and protect your privacy.

Now you can have your personal, private Digital Mailbox at our store.

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How It Works
  • Get your own mailbox address at our store
  • Log in to your account with any computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Manage your mail online, 24/7
  • Scan, view and store documents
  • Forward mail and packages
  • Add a phone line, deposit checks
  • Individuals, businesses and PO box users
  • Travelers, vacationers, and students
  • Expats and residents in countries
    around the globe

A New Service for New Times

We have become a mobile society and want to stay connected and manage our lives digitally on demand - any time and from anywhere. In addition, many of us seek increased privacy and security for personal mail, address and phone.

With this in mind, we have partnered with iPostal1 to offer you the convenience and advantages of Digital Mailbox service. It’s a whole new way to manage your mail and a lot more, all in one place, 24/7, from wherever you happen to be.
A New Service for New Times

How People use a Digital Mailbox at our Store

Business travelers, vacationers, expats, college students, and small business owners manage their mail and stay connected when on the move.
Better than a PO Box. Digital Mailbox users don’t have to guess what’s in their box and don’t have to travel to access their mail.
Small business owners create a virtual office by adding phone and fax service.
Individuals and families use their digital mailbox address and phone number when they don’t want to give out their home address or phone.
Expats and residents in countries around the globe shop U.S. websites, consolidate packages, and save on international shipping.
People worried about theft of mail, checks or packages have a secure delivery location.
Anyone who needs to immediately view mail content requests a scan of their document.
Those looking for a convenient and secure way to digitally archive mail and documents use our cloud storage service.

What Does It Cost?

What Does It Cost?
Our digital mailbox service is amazingly affordable, with monthly plans beginning at $9.99.

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