Notary Public

Notary PublicNotarize your documents in Woodland Hills, California.

notary public is able to act as an official witness when signing important documents.

In some cases, a notary public is able to issue oaths depending on the circumstance. A notary public uses

an embossed stamp and their official signature to make a document official. Once the notary official signs and

seals the document it is considered notarized.

Notarized documents are considered official in court, so using a notary service is definitely in an individual’s favor where matters of contracts and agreements are concerned. Using a notary helps to make transactions between individuals official and easy way to conduct business.

A Notary Public in Woodland Hills is also useful as being a neutral party between a multi-party drafted agreement. In some states, a notary is given duties to certify official documents. There are many benefits to using a notary. For instance, in a school system, sometimes there are on-staff notaries to approve documents associated with student activities or the study body as a whole.  In some states, such as California notaries have such vast duties as even, for example, a lawyer would have, so they are certainly held in high regard.

Notaries are convenient and easily accessible.  Instead of having to go through long waiting lines at official government locations, at BOX IT PLUS in Woodland Hills, you will be able to save you time and money to do the job.

Two of the most common documents that a notary public will witness have to do with the sale or transfer of real property and the granting of power of attorney.  A few example documents that a notary public can officially witness include the following: Acknowledgments and Jurats.

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